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Chronic symptoms and conditions are expressions of 'terrain damage' letting you know that your body has stopped communicating on a cellular level. Rather than suppressing your symptoms, a naturopathic approach discovers the underlying imbalances that affect your inner environment.  

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Meridian Analysis and BioScan Technology

Meridian Analysis can detect areas of weakness or stress located along your meridians, where subtle energetic changes occur. The use of meridians originated in Traditional Chinese Medicine, is over 2000 years old, and used in acupuncture today. 

But instead of using needles, the ZYTO BioScan Meridian Analysis relies on galvanic skin response (GSR)—a technology that measures fluctuations in the electrical conductivity of the skin, your bioenergetic field.


During your bioscan, 1000's of virtual items will be presented to your energetic field. The measurement looks at what kinds of things cause stress or weaken your body.


Your scan would also include potential stressors like 

  • fungi 

  • bacteria

  • parasites

  • viruses

  • EMF's

  • heavy metals 

  • pesticides

  • chemicals

  • enterotoxins (toxins made by the body)

  • allergens

  • vaccine toxins

  • food additives 

The results are used to make a personal plan for you. The plan includes lifestyle changes and food recommendations. And, to help bring your body to its normal state of equilibrium, remedies and supplements will also be recommended. (not included in appointment cost)


Functional Terrain Assessments

These conditions would benefit from a Functional Terrain Assessment;

  • dysbiosis/leaky gut/Chrohn's/colitis

  • acid reflux/h. pylori

  • constipation and/or diarrhea

  • fatigue brain fog

  • bloat, stomach aches, digestive issues, and gas

Terrain Analysis is a functional assessment of the body’s internal biochemistry. It looks at the self-regulatory capacities of your body using urine and saliva, which is much more informative than a blood test when it comes to the functionality of the body. What your body 'gets rid of' is very telling about your health status.


Organic Acids Test

If you struggle with fatigue, chronic pain, gut issues of any kind, immunity challenges, even mystery symptoms, etc, the Organic Acids Test outlays what is imbalanced. You will receive a personalized plan to rebalance your body through food recommendations and adding necessary supplements and herbs.


  • Understand vitamin and hormone metabolism

  • Determine capacity to generate energy

  • Evaluate intestinal wall integrity

  • Assess the performance of the central nervous system

  • Evaluate muscle function

  • Reveal excessive levels of gastrointestinal (GI) yeast

  • Reveal excessive levels of GI bacteria

  • Detect nutritional or antioxidant deficiencies

  • Determine problems in fatty acid metabolism

  • Identify oxalate imbalances


Hormone Profile

Hormone imbalance is common. It can affect every system of the body and cause a variety of symptoms. Anyone with symptoms involving fatigue, insomnia, stress, immunity problems, blood sugar problems, and overweight should be tested for cortisol levels as well as "sex" hormones. This knowledge helps in making better choices of supplementation. 

Saliva testing is the most convenient and least invasive manner to measure hormone status.  Saliva measures the body's "free" hormone levels. Free hormones are considered to be the active hormones available for use by tissue. 

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