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Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis

One of the best ways to determine the health of the body is through reading blood labs. Using 'optimal ranges' (narrower ranges) allows you see the direction your body is trending in terms of your wellness. Wouldn't it be nice to know how your body is doing BERFORE you had symptoms, needed medications, or developed disease or conditions?

Why 'Optimal' Blood Level Ranges?

When you go to the doctor for a physical, they will run blood labs at wider ranges that include the CBC (complete blood count) and a few other biomarkers. I take these same biomarkers, add more, and run them in a computer using narrower 'optimal' ranges. This way we know how your body is doing well before it becomes a problem. Or, if you are already dealing with a known condition, you can get a better picture as to why your body is struggling with it and make changes and improvements to feel better or reverse it.

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What do the biomarkers tell you?

By taking the common lab biomarkers your doctor uses, and adding additional biomarkers, you will be able to see 13 different systems of the body, and the direction they are trending health wise. 

  • Do you have symptoms of general fatigue, brain fog, digestive issues? Find out why.

  • Have you been diagnosed with hypothyroid, been prescribed statins for high cholesterol? You should then know how your liver function is, as well as gallbladder and the status of your fatty acids, and what can be improved.

  • Are you going through menopause, having hormone issues? 

  • Wondering if those vitamins you are taking are really the right ones? Are you missing other ones?

  • Do you get frequent colds of flu? 

  • Do you have trouble sleeping, wake during the night? Is this a blood sugar problem, hormones or adrenals? Find out which!

Your biomarkers can tell the story of your health status. Labs are sent right to your house, and the process is easy. Start by setting up your Initial Appointment today. Questions? Let's do a Free Phone Consult first!

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FBCA_foundational_hierarchy (1).pdf (1).jpg


Schedule your Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis today and get on the road to OPTIMAL HEALTH!

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