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Vitamins vs Enzymes

Do you take vitamins? Many people do, which is good, since we are definitely deficient to some degree. But how do you now if it's doing you any good?

If you do take vitamins, it usually takes a while to notice results. And it really depends on where you are starting from. For example, have you been pretty bad about your diet? How about stress and lifestyle habits? Do you take any medications? These are all things that directly effect vitamin status in your body.

When I was a little girl, my mom always gave me vitamins. In fact, they were Flintstones Vitamins-remember those? They were probably terrible for me.

Years before I was a naturopathic practitioner, I took lots of vitamins but didn't really notice a difference. In fact, one time, a chiropractor ran several tests on me, found all kinds of deficiencies, and decidedly gave me about 50 pills a day. Taking all of those made me feel nauseated.

So what was the problem?

First of all, there are 3 things that you must understand about the way things work inside your body.

  1. Just because you have a deficiency, it doesn't mean you should just try to replace that one missing thing. This goes for vitamins and hormones.

  2. Symptoms alone do not tell the whole picture. For example, if you have pain somewhere, or a rash, etc., how do you why it's happening? 9 times out of 10, a rash isn't a skin problem. It's just where you are showing symptoms.

  3. Perhaps most important, you must be able to digest and absorb what you are ingesting. This includes vitamins and food. Not only in the digestive tract, but also on a cellular level.

Enzymes are the Spark of Life

Want to actually get value out of the food and supplements you take? You need enzymes. Otherwise, you can be wasting money and creating even more mal-digestion.

Enzymes are the key to opening biochemistry in your body. They break things down for us, to their smallest basic components. They are the catalysts that make the chemical changes occur. Without them, our vitamins wouldn't 'work'. Together they make a great team. Vitamins are cofactors, equally important, but yet potentially useless without enzymes.