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A Healthy Life

Is Within Reach

  • Overcome Fatigue

  • Solve Digestive Issues

  • Build Strong Immunity

  • Better Mood

  • Fix Your Sleep Problems

  • Discover Nutritional Deficiencies

  • Learn What To Eat

  • Prevent 'Age Related' Conditions

What I Specialize In

Cleaning the Body and Resetting Your Digestion System

Recommending Personalized Foods that Heal You

 Restored Energy and Cellular  Metabolism

Functional Testing = Get Answers, No More Guessing

Personalized Recommendations for Nutritional  Deficiencies

Digestive conditions

  • dysbiosis

  • leaky gut 

  • irritable bowel syndrome

  • Chrohn's, SIBO, or colitis

  • food sensitivities

  • Candida albicans


  • adrenal fatigue

  • thyroid imbalance

  • brain fog 

  • low energy 

  • hormone imbalances

  • mold toxicity

Immune issues

  • chronic inflammation 

  • fibromyalgia, or chronic pain

  • get sick easily

  • early aging

  • autoimmune 

  • skin issues 

  • allergies  

  • 'mystery conditions'​

Let’s Get Healthy

"Discovering how to make your body more efficient and
replacing what is
deficient is the answer"

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Functional Blood Chemustry Analysis_edited.jpg
Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis -Optimal Ranges

One of the first and best ways to find out how well your body systems are functioning is through Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis. These lab results are measured at a more narrow margin for obtaining 'optimal ranges'. Instead of the 30 or fewer biomarkers that your doctor will look at in a physical, I look at 80-100 biomarkers for a comprehensive analysis of 13 different body systems including:

  1. Blood sugar regulation

  2. Kidney health

  3. Electrolytes

  4. Metabolic Health

  5. Liver and Gallbladder health

  6. Iron and anemia

  7. Lipids/fatty acid balance

  8. Thyroid health

  9. Vitamins and minerals

  10. Inflammation

  11. Hormone health

  12. CBC

  13. Immune health


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Functional Terrain Assessment is a gateway test to see the internal terrain of the body and how it digests, metabolizes and absorbs nutrients.
Comprehensive Gut Analysis

Almost everybody can benefit from a Metabalomix gut health assessment. Some patients are looking to achieve optimal health, while other patients have been chronically ill and frustrated without a diagnosis for years.

Some conditions that warrant testing are:

  • Autoimmune diseases


  • Digestive complaints, diarrhea, or constipation

  • Brain fog

  • Skin problems, like acne and psoriasis

  • Mood disorders, depression, and anxiety

  • Diabetes and weight loss issues

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Functional Terrain Assessment_edited.jpg
Nutritional and Metabolic Assessments

If you want to know how well your body utilizes nutrition and what your body needs to eat and supplement in order to bring back balance, the Organic Acids Test is the best. It will assess 75+ metabolic processes to give you one of the most complete breakdowns of nutritional markers. It is non-invasive and only requires a urine sample.

Some conditions that warrant testing are:

  • Mood Disorders

  • Mitochondrial Dysfunction

  • Fatigue

  • Chronic Stress

  • Inflammation

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Organic Acids Testing for candida albicans, bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) and other metabolites that may be inhibiting gut health and energy.
Hormone Profile and Adrenal Heath

Depending on your symptoms, it may be helpful to look at hormone levels or other markers. Saliva can indicate imbalances in your hormones, making it a very simple, but effective method to assess what's going on. 

If you have;

  • trouble sleeping, waking every night

  • have sugar crashes in the afternoon

  • have hot flashes 

  • get crabby easily (where your family wants to avoid you)

  • low sex drive

  • fatigue


Then, a hormone/cortisol panel could give you great insight as to what is off in your endocrine/sex hormone system.


Commonly, symptoms such as these can begin to show in your 30's but also occur in your 40's, 50's and 60's.


Many symptoms are thought of as being a 'normal part of aging' but this is simply not true. While your body naturally slows down, much of the suffering is due to the need for lifestyle changes and balancing the body.

Hormone Profile at the Nature of Health, Mound,MN

Midlife weight gain, brain fog, tired all the time...

Is it really all about aging?

Have you tried diets, bought supplements, but it didn't make any difference?

Under certain conditions, and as people age, the body commonly becomes less efficient at breaking down or metabolizing nutrients. This is true of both food AND nutritional supplements. And this is why supplements, diets and exercise don't always work. But this isn't due to age, it's a sign that your body systems need support!
Image by krakenimages
Jennifer Foster Naturopath


I love to work with clients to overcome ongoing or occasional symptoms and conditions so that they can get back to living life to its fullest! 

Is This You?

  • feel zapped energy or no energy?

  • do "too much" then have to spend days recovering by doing as little as possible?

  • have annoying gut issues that aren't going away, like embarrassing gas, bloat, constipation, loose stools?

  • avoid certain foods because they wreak havoc on your gut, can't enjoy a night out at a restaurant?

  • have crazy hormone imbalances that make people want to avoid you?

  • notice you have little to no immunity when it comes to colds and flu going around?

  • have to plan your activities around your symptoms because they run your life?

Would you like to;

  • have the energy to enjoy family, friends, spouse, partner, social life, and work?

  • join in on activities you enjoy or used to enjoy?

  • avoid medication or having to take more medication?

  • prevent further diagnosis or conditions of any kind from getting worse?

  • truly learn how to be more healthy and nutritionally balanced?

  • know exactly what your body needs to become balanced once again?

  • stop guessing and feeling like you're on a medical merry-go-round?. 


How Can I Help You?
Fortunately, your body has the amazing capacity to heal itself. And when you address the underlying cause with the right supportive, gentle, and effective therapies, a kind of "course correction" takes place. In other words, true healing can be achieved.

I use simple, non-invasive labs which tell me a lot about how your body's metabolism and how well you are breaking down nutrition. Or, they tell me if you are struggling with an ongoing infection, which could be caused by candida, bacteria, parasites, and/or virus. Though most people don't realize it, these can take a hold of our system, they are the beginning of all diseases and conditions. If removed and balanced, the body can return to a normal, functioning state = energy, and wellness!



First, we schedule a consult for an intake of your symptoms. This can be scheduled online or in person. We can then determine the best lab assessments for you.


Next, we order your lab test or tests. Choosing the test is based on your intake. We can learn what your body needs by utilizing several non-invasive, simple lab tests. These tests are ordered online and sent directly to your home, making it fast and easy.


We go over your results. Here's where I break it down for you, and your results will give you personalized results so you'll know exactly what to do, what supplements or herbs you need, and what food you should be eating.


Personalized Program. Truth be told, it turns out that true wellness is NOT found in a pill. And, it's not even in learning the results of a test, either. That is only the beginning. I've found that each of my clients has an individual and very personal 'return to wellness'. So in addition, I also provide online personal wellness consultations so you can learn what you need to do for everlasting results. 

True Health Begins With Balancing Your Body. The Nature of Health provides relief from gas, bloat, bloat, digestive problems, brain fog and adrenal fatigue.
True Health Begins With Balancing Your Body. Begin Your Journey Today.

"Jen is truly a pleasure to work with!  My appointments are always very enjoyable and informative.  I’ve had various digestive and lymphatic symptoms as a result of heavy metals, candida, and bacteria, among other things.  The nice surprise was that after seeing Jen, not only are my initial symptoms either fading or completely gone now, but my sleeping has improved and my energy level is better than it has been in years"

- Joan Bertam

"Jen is fantastic at what she does. I came to her with this giant rash that had been terrorizing my leg for years; she was able to quickly identify that I had an overgrowth in my gut, some parasites, and heavy metals. She helped me balance my gut and get rid of those metals, my rash for the first time in years is diminishing! I love how Jen truly lives out what she preaches, she's been there before and is so vibrant and energetic. She is so easy to get along with and really comes alongside you in helping to adapt your diet and meet you where you are at on an emotional level."

- Mike Bregel

“Hello, fellow travelers on the road searching for health! I am the wife of a dairy farmer in Iowa, and the mother of 5 children ranging from 2 to 15. Approximately 2 years ago I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called vasculitis. My husband also found out he had Lyme disease which helped us understand why he was so fatigued all the time. In looking online for help we discovered Jen Foster. I was very impressed with her technique and equipment! We felt it did a better job. So my children also began to use her as they were having so many allergy issues.  We have found that in taking a natural way we actually get help overcoming our problems instead of just dealing with symptoms. Jen has the equipment and knowledge to do just that! Thank you, Jen!

- Monica Martin

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